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Angelina's is widely regarded as Seaside's best pizza...Here are some recent reviews:

We ordered Angelina's last night and tried the Green Goddess salad which was surprisingly fresh! The lettuces were like from a Farmer's Market and the Tomatoes were also fresh and ripe! Artichoke hearts, feta cheese, red peppers were all wonderful with a raspberry vinagrette dressing. The pizza was also some of the best in town! :)

we came in here literally as the place was closing one night, being the only people in sight around the area. we told the staff we didnt want to make them stay late so we would go somewhere else. they insisted that we stay and sit down and have some fresh calzones so we did... not only were the calzones really huge, but the staff actually conversed about random things with us while we enjoyed our meal. made us feel very comfortable.. and again, the calzones were big and cheap and tasty. the restaurant was pretty spotless and super clean as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Would Go Back
by mgturtle, Salt Lake City (16 reviews)
August 14, 2010 - Likes it

The pizza was great. The service was great also. There is limited seating. So, if you go during a busy time it may be difficult to eat in. But, please don't let that prevent you from trying this place. Get it to go if you have to. They are more than willing to do half and half pizzas. Prices are reasonable, $24.00 for a large. Phone mobile review
by Ann Rakosi, Seattle (5 reviews)
February 02, 2011 - Likes it
Wow. Don't let the view from the outside fool you. It's tiny, but the variety of hand tossed pizza is extensive. Atmosphere is very casual, but very clean. The fruita di busco salad is awesome! Totally unexpected in a little strip mall like this. The pizza arrived quicky ( before we finished the salad). There was plenty of chicken and fresh spinach on the florentine pizza. Crust was yummy. Really an artisan quality pie!



Angelina's Pizzeria and Cafe
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